about pam levy wellwithhorses.comHi! I’m Pam and I’m the creator of Well With Horses, a blog for horse-crazy people like me who want to build a better, happier, healthier life for ourselves and our horses.

I’ve been riding since I was seven, and in love with horses for as long as I can remember. I started out like almost everyone else, getting a lesson a week on a school horse. Then, when I was ten years old, my life changed forever. My parents gave me my first pony, Misty, as a birthday present. For the next decade, I was your typical horse-crazy kid.

As a young adult I did the requisite working student gigs, and then struck out on my own to spend the next twenty years as a professional equestrian” (whatever the heck that means!).  During that time I worked with horses in every capacity, from stall mucker to coach.

Now I guess you could say I’m living my dream. Not long ago my husband and I bought a small farm in rural Nova Scotia and built a nice little home for our two horses, Sunny & Stella. By day, I’m an intrepid office worker in the city. The rest of the time, I’m just trying to build a better life for myself and my horses.

And that is where the Well With Horses story starts…



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